Course Requirements

WSU uses a lettered grading policy, A-F, including + and – grades. To calculate your own grade, use the Excel spreadsheet available on BlackBoard Learns or use this online calculator: Your final grade will be calculated according to the following categories.

Engagement: 10%

Participation begins with attendance. Both absence and tardiness will affect this portion of your grade. I encourage open communication whenever you miss class. After three absences, you must speak with me to avoid penalty. Otherwise, a fourth absence will result in the reduction of your participation grade by a full letter grade. A fifth absence will result in the reduction of your final grade by a full letter grade. A sixth absence will result in a failing grade for the course. Arrival in class more than 10 minutes after it begins will count as an absence.

Absence does not justify turning in assignments late. Sickness happens, accidents happen, bad weather happens, computer problems happen, over-sleeping happens, family crises happen, the bus comes late… that’s what the first three absences are for. Save them for such emergencies. Above all, stay in touch. Communication is central to this course.

Your engagement grade will also reflect the quality and thoughtfulness of your contributions in class, respect shown to class members, as well as your attitude and role in small group exercises. This seminar cannot work unless everyone comes prepared. Review your syllabus frequently and plan your workload accordingly.

Blog: 20%

Throughout the semester you will post short reading responses to a personal blog. See schedule for due dates. These assignments make up your homework grade and should be turned in before class on the due date. Posts made during class will receive no credit. Posts made within 24-hours after class will receive partial credit. These posts are graded for completion rather than evaluated for quality. To get an “A” for this portion of your grade all you need to do is turn in each of the homework assignments on time. Falling behind will have serious consequences for your grade. For example, missing two posts (8/10) will drop you to a B-.

Reading Quizzes: 20%

Over the course of the semester I will give eleven reading quizzes. See schedule for dates. These quizzes will help focus your reading and serve as a basis for in-class discussion. I will pass out quizzes at the beginning of class and collect them at twenty-after the hour. You do not get extra time if you are late. Absence on a quiz day will result in a forfeiture of the grade. There will be no make-up quizzes. I will drop the lowest grade.

Projects: 50%

Wikistorm: 15%

Omeka Exhibit: 15%

Final Paper: 20%