Inadequate Adequate Outstanding
 Data Collection Not well planned or executed; uninformative. Well planned and executed, but uninformative.  

Carefully planned out in advance, executed thoroughly, and produces a data set that tells you and your audience something interesting.


 Data Visualization  

Difficult to read, inaccurate, and unimaginative.


Legible and accurate but replicates standard visualization strategy without unique look. Legible, accurate, and builds on a standard visualization strategies to create a unique design.
 Historical Example  

Not in public domain, not historical, or not relevant to your data visualization.


Historical example in public domain, but not clearly related to your data visualization. Historical example in public domain clearly related to your data visualization.
 Omeka Metadata  

Not present or not accurate.



Present and accurate, but not entirely thoughtful or somehow marked by errors.


Present, accurate, thoughtful, and error free.
 Omeka Exhibit & Artist Statement

Messy layout, missing images, short or inappropriate artist statement.



Solid layout and all elements present, but artist statement fails to fully frame or introduce your project.


Solid layout, all elements present, and artist statement fully frames and introduces your project.